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About Josh

Bred, not born, Texan

Josh’s family history in Texas can be traced back to the 1840s with every generation being born in Texas, except for Josh and his younger brother who were both born in Colorado. This legacy gives Josh a great appreciation for the people and culture of Texas: a place of hard work, family, dreams, freedom, and opportunity. 

Josh grew up all across the country and has lived in 10 states, in addition to our nation’s capital. He has also lived and traveled extensively abroad. He understands what makes the U.S. unique and special, while also valuing others’ perspectives. 

Josh’s community, family, and loved ones is the inspiration for his desire to serve in the US Congress. His wife is an ER Physician in Austin and his three young children keep him grounded to what’s most important in life: ensuring family and individual liberties and economic opportunities are protected so life is better in the future than it is presently. 

Josh has a great heart for serving his community as evidenced by his professional and personal experiences. Presently, Josh is a high school history and leadership teacher and a basketball coach and serves in his church. In the past, Josh has served Central Texas as a member of the District Export Council helping local small businesses expand their business operations internationally. 

Before coming back “home” to Texas, Josh served our country as a government contractor for the national security establishment, an undercover operations officer for the Central Intelligence Agency, and as a young staffer in the US Congress. 

Josh has graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business and Texas A&M University’s Bush School of Government and Public Service.


Chaos and hardships are stealing our futures

Life is more chaotic, challenging, and tumultuous now than it has been in 100 years. We can do better. We owe it to ourselves and our children to change the present to protect the future.

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The corrupt political and Wall Street class is stealing from the middle and lower classes. We need to protect the middle and lower classes better. Because of their collusion and mismanagement, life is harder for us. Since 2021, rent has increased about 33%; energy costs have increased 17%; and our grocery bill costs have increased more than 35% in two years! On top of that, the dollar that we use to purchase all of those essentials has declined in value by 13% because of federal policies.

Life is harder now because of the Federal Government’s actions and Representative Doggett has shaped and molded these policies as a member of the Ways and Means Committee, the Budget Committee, and the Joint Committee on Taxation.

After the government forced inflation upon us, they are now creating a recession and an unemployment crisis, which will specifically target the backbone of our State and our Country.

Bitcoin, entrepreneurial ingenuity, and transparent and honest government are solutions to our economic problems.

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Our Society and Freedoms are under Attack

President Biden and the previous four presidents have significantly increased the power of the Federal Government, all at the expense of our individual liberties and freedoms.

Our Freedom of Assembly, Speech and Freedoms from Government Oppression are rapidly declining. Ensuring the rights of the individual and the family are paramount to a strong society.

We need a reset to remember and emphasize the Freedom and Strength of the Texas Spirit.

We need to value the individual and protect the family as the great foundation for our communities.

We need to protect our vulnerable and serve our neighbors regardless of our differences.

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Safety and Security

Law and order is breaking down in our great nation. Whether it is the chaotic destruction and degradation of our urban centers or the invasion of the US Capitol, or the constant threat by foreigners and constant war; our people and our future are under attack.

We defunded the police because of our lack of trust in the law enforcement; the FBI’s reputation is plummeting; and our courts are maligned and threatened.

We have been at constant war since 2001; spent more than $6 trillion dollars on war; and yet, we are not safe. Our defense budget is more than the next 10 countries combined and we have bases in 85 foreign countries.

The current war mongering is not working. It’s driving us deeper into debt and leaving us exposed at home.

We need to rebuild the trust between our institutions and our people.

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